35 Min Higher Consciousness Sound Bath

35 Min Higher Consciousness Sound Bath

When we develop a higher consciousness an internal knowing begins to develop in our lives. We communicate with every thing and everyone with much more ease. Our relationships with ourselves and the universe gets deeper. Our third eye begins to open giving us clear sight to the world around us, and the world within us. Nurturing a higher consciousness allows us to be more mindful, happier and experience a more fulfilling existence without worrying about the need to merely survival. 

This healing sound bath has been infused with distance Reiki (energy healing) to meet you when and where it's needed in your life. Tibetan singing bowls for the throat, third eye, and crown chakras make up the music of this sound bath along with 963hz solfeggio frequency and mindful chimes. The frequency of 963hz helps connect us to spirit and higher energies of the universe. 

What You'll Receive

One 35 minute MP3 audio file downloaded instantly. Allowing you to access healing anywhere and anytime needed for years to come.

How to Use

Listen with headphones for maximum results. Find a quiet space in a comfortable seated or laying position. Place your palms facing up in receiving mode. Set an intention for your practice and thank yourself for choosing YOU in this moment. 

An Affirmation to Recite:  I am connected to the highest of good and brightest of light. May I speak with open and clear communication. May I have clear intuitive sight. May I be connected to spirit and all that is of pure essence. 

This sound healing is not intended to cure or treat disease or illness. Please use responsibly in conjunction with guidance from your physician. Do not listen while driving. Please listen at a responsible volume.