Custom Sound Bath (45 Min)

Custom Sound Bath (45 Min)

A 45 Minute Reiki Infused Sound Healing Session Customized to Meet Your Healing Needs and Set Intentions

About Reiki Infused Sound Healing

Reiki is an ancient Japanese energy healing technique. Reiki practitioners use symbols, breath and meditative states to heal clients from a distance. Prior to your recording I'll infuse your healing session with Reiki by focusing on your specific healing needs and infusing each sound bowl and chime.  


Reduce Stress, Relieve Anxiety, Pain Management, Align Chakras, Remove Energy Blocks, Deeper Meditations, Helps with Depression, Decrease Heart Rate and Blood Pressure, Restores Breath to Normal Rhythm, Awakens the Mind, Increases Focus, Cells Return to Natural State of Vibration

What You'll Receive

One 45 Minute MP3 Audio File

Allowing you to access healing whenever needed for years to come.

What to Expect

Upon scheduling we'll meet briefly via zoom to go over any specific areas of healing/ health you'd like me to focus on and any specific intentions you'd like to set. I'll focus on these specifics to infuse Reiki into your audio while creating a sound combination that caters to your health needs. Within 72hrs of our meeting your audio file will be emailed to you along with any energetic messages I received while in your session. Please note I don't always receive energetic messages, but if something does happen to come through I'll share with you.