35 Min Home/ Office Cleansing Sound Bath

35 Min Home/ Office Cleansing Sound Bath

When your space lacks the calm you need or just feels off it's probably time for an energy cleanse. For those who don't like the smell of smoke from sage or other smudging herbs, a cleanse through sound is the perfect go to. It's just as effective without the allergy or headache side effects some experience. 

The space cleansing sound bath was created with Reiki energy healing, Tibetan sound bowls, Zephyr chimes, Solfeggio frequencies and peaceful music. If you've had guests over recently or your home has been a stressful environment lately, it's the perfect time to cleanse. When you're office or work environment is less than a tranquil experience, it's time for a cleansing. When we can't exactly bring our sage to work and smoke out the office (or toss oils on a co-worker) a sound bath works like a charm! 

What You'll Receive

One 35 minute MP3 audio file downloaded instantly. Allowing you to access healing anywhere and anytime needed for years to come.

How to Use

Play the sound bath over speakers at an audible medium volume. If permitted, open any windows to allow not only the energy to be cleansed, but also the air. Set an intention to and thank yourself for choosing tranquility in this moment.  

An Affirmation to Recite: Negative & stagnant energy are no longer welcome in this space. Peace & light fill this space and all beings who enter. 

This sound healing is not intended to cure or treat disease or illness. Please use responsibly in conjunction with guidance from your physician. Do not listen while driving. Please listen at a responsible volume.