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35 min Stress Melting Sound Healing

35 min Stress Melting Sound Healing

Stress is a major factor for illness. It can wreck our immune system while exhausting us mentally and physically. We can practice all the self-care and mindfulness routines but sometimes there's just no stopping a buildup of stress. 

The Stress Melting sound healing is the perfect aid to your self-care or meditation routine in times of high stress. Is't hard to find a moment of calm in meditations when it feels like the world is laying on your chest. This combination of Zypher chimes, Solfeggio frequencies, tranquil ocean waves and an infusion of Reiki energy might be what you need to sink into quiet time when your mind is less than quiet.  

What You'll Receive

One 35 minute MP3 audio file downloaded instantly. Allowing you to access healing anywhere and anytime needed for years to come.

How to Use

Listen with headphones for maximum results. Find a quiet space to sit or lay in a comfortable position. Place your palms facing up in receiving mode. Set an intention for your practice and thank yourself for choosing YOU in this moment.

An Affirmation to Recite: I sink deeper into calm with every breath. Peace and serenity fill my body & mind.

If you have epilepsy please speak with your neurologist before listening. This sound healing is not intended to cure or treat disease or illness.  Please use responsibly in conjunction with guidance from your physician. Do not listen while driving or operating heavy machinery. Deep relaxation and drowsiness may occur. Do not listen at a high volume.